Friday, April 13, 2012

Make A Difference In Your Relationship

Happy Friday the 13th!

As I was blog hopping the other day, I came across this post from Today's Letters that I have to share with you guys. She talks about how they do 10 things that they believe make a difference in their marriage. Not that I'm married or anything, but when I DO get married, I want it to WORK. I'm all about getting things to WORK.

Today's Letters

Here is her list..she elaborates more in her post, so you should check it out in the link.

1. Weekly Questions
2. A Small Metal Box
3. Traveling Journal
4. We (try and) Conflict Well
5. We Play Together
6. We Pray Together
7. We Celebrate Each Other
8. We Don't Do Marriage Alone
9. The Greatest Gift (Self Work)
10. We Study One Another
10 b. Dude Time/Girl Time

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  1. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?


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