Friday, April 27, 2012

Shots and Moving

Please excuse the lack of blogging, while I am trying to move my blog over to Word Press! If you know of any tips, please contact me! Also, if you would like the URL, please leave me a comment (and make sure your email address links back) or email me. For those of you that get my blog by email, I am working on figuring out how to get Word Press posts emailed..

I haven't written a lot about this, but I have to have sinus surgery. My doctor recommended that I be tested for allergies, otherwise the surgery would basically be useless to me. So this week I went and got tested. OH MY WORD. Worst doctor visit ever. I cannot express the amount of itchiness I experienced while NOT being able to scratch! UGH!

I went in yesterday for my results. Turns out I am allergic to trees, grass, and weeds. As in, highly allergic. The doc told me that he hadn't come across someone so allergic to that stuff in a long time. Awesome. It definitely explains why I get sick EVERY time the seasons change. I am also pretty allergic to dust and all things dust related. Apparently I am only mildly allergic to dogs. Awesome. I do believe that the bigger the dog, the more allergic I am. I have noticed that around most big dogs I will scratch a little, whereas around smaller dogs I don't usually scratch.

FML!!! I cannot convey how annoyed I am with my body right now. I couldn't take any meds (Zyrtec, Benedryl, etc) for a full day, until I got my results. Worst day ever. I was crazy moody, and on top of that I had to wait 1.5 hours to get new tires on my car. Awesome.

So the good news is that there's something we can do. I will go in weekly starting May 10th to get shots that will build up my immunity to what I am allergic to. Sounds fun right? I know you're jealous. Pray for me!

Here are some pictures of the shots I had to get..

My back. She stuck me on my back first, and I waited 10 minutes. Based off those results she knew what else to test me for on my arms. She put little blue dots beside each needle prick so she'd know where to look for a reaction.

Upper left arm

lower left arm

lower right arm

upper right arm

upper right arm, the next day. If you look at the circles beside the lines, that shows how allergic I am to whatever she stuck me with. Even today I still have whelps on my arm, and they still itch! This was the only arm that I couldn't wash the marker off of. I had to go in yesterday to see if I developed more of a reaction over 24 hours, and to get my results.

Funny Friends

I sent the following picture to one of my friends the other day..

this was our convo..

so I had to share how funny it was..

Wow. LOL!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Makeup

I went to MAC on Sunday since I had 6 empty MAC containers, I decided to take them in to get my free lipstick. I saw Crosswires on a blog and thought it was so pretty. It's pretty popular because one of the stores was sold out. If you like a little bit of subtle color, you need to try this!

Another sold-out item that I liked was this highlighter in Superb. I feel weird about putting a liquid highlighter on (think Benefit's High Beam) so I knew I wanted to try some form of cream or powder.


How it should look on your skin...(look between the eye and where blush would be applied)

While I was there I tried on a few red lipsticks because I love how red looks on blondes. (Jess) My MAC girl at Lenox inside Bloomingales, Noor, put MAC Red on me. It could be because she lined my lips and overdrew them slightly (on purpose), but I wasn't sold on it. It was too stand-out for me. A friend of mine told me several months ago that a color I loved on her was by Clinique, called Angel Red. She has thin lips, blonde hair and fair skin like me, so I knew I needed to try it.


A few weeks ago I was at MAC with a friend and we decided to stop and see Noor. Brittani (another fav MAC girl - it's bad when I know them personally!) had on this color and I thought it was so pretty. Such a gorgeous color of peach for the Spring and Summer. Every one loved it on me, so I bought it. I love how smooth it goes on, you definitely don't need lip gloss with this one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Funnies

Fat Lip

So, I'm weird because my lips peel daily. IDK why, I've never tried to understand it I guess. Last night I went to BB&B to get some doggy steps for my bed and I peeled one side of my lower lip. Not a big deal, it was nothing out of the norm. I went home, cleaned a little, showered, read a magazine, and got ready for bed. Before I go to bed I put Bert's Bees chapstick on, so I did that and finished reading my magazine. Before I went to sleep I noticed my lips burned a little. I thought they were chapped so I slathered more Bert's on. That was around 9. At 11 I woke up because B needed to go outside. My lip felt funny so when I looked in the mirror and saw this... I freaked out!

Pretty sure that a little monster ate my lip. Luckily when I woke up this morning it was mostly back to normal size! My medical field friends think I had an allergic reaction to something. What, I have NO idea! Just glad it's back to normal!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bedroom Changes

Remember my post about getting a new bed? Well I got it!! La Sara and her bf came over Saturday to help me put it together. AKA we supervised and he did it. Here is the end result. Don't mind the beadspread not tucked in, I was in a hurry to get out the door!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Over You

Sometimes in life we make mistakes. God didn't intend for us to be perfect (or else, well, we would be Him). The point of a mistake is to learn from it so that it doesn't happen again. I think that sometimes it's not that easy. It's not that black and white. Which is pretty rare for me to say, because I am a very "black n white" person.
I blamed S for his lack of communication as my basis for breaking up with him. However, in some ways I did the same thing. Sure we had talks and I told him what was wrong. Is that my fault? His? Did neither of us try hard enough and both ignored the issues? I'm not sure. I think we needed to see each other in person and talk things through, rather than over the phone. It's hard to interpret things over the phone some times. One of the many reasons that long distance sucks.

I talked with S over the weekend. We are both confused but still love each other.. who knows what that means, obviously neither of us do. He explained some things to me, and I did the same. Only time (and lots of praying) will tell.

Last night he sent me this video..