Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fat Lip

So, I'm weird because my lips peel daily. IDK why, I've never tried to understand it I guess. Last night I went to BB&B to get some doggy steps for my bed and I peeled one side of my lower lip. Not a big deal, it was nothing out of the norm. I went home, cleaned a little, showered, read a magazine, and got ready for bed. Before I go to bed I put Bert's Bees chapstick on, so I did that and finished reading my magazine. Before I went to sleep I noticed my lips burned a little. I thought they were chapped so I slathered more Bert's on. That was around 9. At 11 I woke up because B needed to go outside. My lip felt funny so when I looked in the mirror and saw this... I freaked out!

Pretty sure that a little monster ate my lip. Luckily when I woke up this morning it was mostly back to normal size! My medical field friends think I had an allergic reaction to something. What, I have NO idea! Just glad it's back to normal!


  1. definitely an allergic reaction. Be careful, make sure to have Benadryl on hand! When I developed food allergies, mine started like this, and progressed quickly to anaphylaxis. Maybe even ask your doctor for an Epipen just in case.

  2. This happend to my Mom about a year or so ago and she ended up in the ER! Make sure you watch it closely.


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