Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful Nail: Just One

First of all, if you didn't get my reference to comedian Anjelah Johnson, you're missing out. Check out this video.

So last night I went to get a mani/pedi. I wanted all my nails painted with Essie's Sand Tropez.

On the left hand, ring finger I wanted a red heart in OPI's Vodka and Caviar.

Sounds easy, right?? Well, apparently not. I had to wait a little while for the guy to come paint the heart on. No big deal. So he gets there, and paints a heart. This is what I had in mind..

What he did looked like this..

I'm sorry but is that a strawberry?! WTF! Ugh, of course when he asked if I liked it I said yes. I felt bad for him. Plus I didn't feel like having him take ALL the polish off that nail and repainting 2 coats, then attempt to screw up another heart. He obviously didn't know how to draw. So I went home. I repainted that nail myself.

It's not as cute as I wanted, but you can at least tell it's a heart!

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