Thursday, February 2, 2012

All About Me

Happy Ground Hogs Day!!

Since my blog is new, I thought what better way to get to know me than by reading a little about me?

1. I'm obsessed with shoes. {hello Captain Obvious - my blog name}
2. I've been every shade of hair color, and blondes totally have more fun. Hands down.  
3. I didn't make any serious New Year's Resolutions this year. I have daily goals {like be a better person} that I try to accomplish day to day.
4. I LOVE weddings and everything wedding related. Especially cake. I mean, who doesn't love cake? Plus you get to dress up in a gorgeous dress, all the attention is on you, and all your attention is on your man. Not to mention you are {hopefully} marrying your BFF!

5. I'm  kind of anal about...well, everything! My hair, my makeup, my body, my teeth, my clothes.. 
6. I'm also a control freak. Kinda goes with #5.
7.I am a lover of milk. Skim milk. I crave it at times. I'm weird, I know.

8. My dog is my baby! I gave birth to him, did you not know??
9. It's a good thing I'm pretty because I have some DUMB moments.
10. I'm girly, but I also love being outdoors and being adventurous.
11. I love heels. I love how pretty they are and how they make my legs look great. Up until this past year I'd wear heels 99.9% of the time.

12. What celeb would you trade places with for day? I love Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Aniston. Any of them would be fantastic. {I was going to post pictures, but after looking at my Pinterest, I realized I'd totally like to be Lauren Conrad, Ashley Olsen, and Kristin Cavalari (not prego)}
13. My favorite time of the year is when the weather is warm. I hate being cold!
14. I've never been out of the USA.
15. One place I definitely want to see is Egypt.

16. If I could go on a date with any celebrity, I'd go with David Beckham (not married). And then we'd bone all night.

Okay I've run out of things to tell you so I'll just name some likes and dislikes. annnnd GO.

{things i love}

my dog, S, honesty, eye contact, ear lobes, Juicy Couture, music, santa margherita’s pinot grigio, weddings, people watching, affection, chicken biscuits, passion, one-on-one time, living in the moment, independence, lemon chalet crèmes, Miss Dior Cherie, stargaze lilies, mandarin cranberry yankee candles, Chanel, sunny days, cuddling/napping when it rains, dinner dates, beavis and butthead, cute underwear, horoscopes, rolos, dream analyzing, garter belts, driving when i'm upset, long showers, being carried, snuggling in the morning, good conversations, accents, piggyback rides, Firehouse Subs, massages, Cecilia Villavece's, sparklers, cyanide and happiness comics, Piedmont Park, Chicago, July 4th, sushi, concerts, window shopping, gymnastics, martinis, light eyes, dark hair, downtown Athens, petite fours from The Cakery, the beach, UFC, Five Points Deli, jelly belly jellybeans, sleep, thin mints, grilled cheese with tomato soup, Mitch Hedberg jokes, hand bags, pictures, tall shoes, avocado, holey A&F jeans, sweet notes, guitars, samoas, baby doll tops, Cold Stone Creamery, Abercrombie Classic perfume, manis and pedis, babies, crushed ice, anything Victoria’s Secret, butterflies, tulips, strawberry Crystal Light, the Summer, dresses, laying out, pretty teeth, princess cut diamonds, dogs, getting my hair/makeup done, going to new places, road trips, getting dressed up, raspberry truffles from Godiva, 80mph, roses, salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks, legs, sweet gestures for no reason, traveling, cookouts, Egypt, the sound of the ocean, snail mail, Sinatra, black and white photos, fresh cut grass, children laughing, reading, seeing an old friend, making someone laugh, dryer sheets, new cities, gift giving, big sunglasses, the wind in my hair, dancing, inside jokes, inspirational quotes, text messages, a new pair of jeans, live sporting events, people confiding in me, feeling sexy, the feeling of love and being loved, laughing until my stomach hurts, men in suits, old Hollywood, glamour, camping, birthday parties, gelato, spontaneity, singing in the car, straws, “Your mom" jokes ...

{things i do not love}

snakes, weak hand shakes, waking up early, static, people that blow their nose in public, flaky people, Mondays, traffic, cell phones in restaurants, people that can't drive, overly judgmental people, being sick, grapefruit, people that go out of their way to try and bring you down, foot cramps, cigarettes, moving, commercials, dishonesty, when food touches other food, ignorance, cold weather, crazy women, people that can't handle their alcohol, lack of communication, pollen, selfish people, hardcore partiers, crusties around the opening of a milk carton, immaturity, cold sunglasses, humidity, sweating my ass off, pretentiousness, people who are always unhappy, turning on the radio and just missing your favorite song, drama ...

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