Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Kentucky Girl's Favs

Hey y'all!
 the gorgeous Miss V asked me to guest blog for her today so 
my apologies that you can't have her today, thus being stuck with

For those of you who don't know me:
I am the author of The Kentucky Priss
If you prefer the recipe/crafty/ I read this great book kinda blog/ Lilly Lilly Lilly that looks like mint green and pink just threw up all over your computer monitor- then I can assure you, my blog won't be your fav!
But if you like a blog that talks about REAL LIFE/I am a hot mess/did that REALLY just happen?
Then I might make your top 100.

That being said, what should you know about me?
How about 5 basics?

- I clearly love a car bar {as you can see from my picture}
  Very legal. 
 {my northern friends tell me it's called "road soadies" for you northerners, but if you're southern, like myself- then you totally understand what I just said.

- I am a fur momma to a sweeet little yorkie named Daisy May

- My blood is Kentucky Blue

- Sparkling white wine/ Makers STRAIGHT  ...if you please 
{hey, I'm a Kentucky girl, LAND of the bourbon, it's how I was raised}

- I am pretty doggone funny....

I was SUPER excited when V asked me to guest blog for her!
It was kind of love. LUV. lurve at first e-mail...
If I told you all the things we have in common 
like how we even have the same occupation, we would be here all day...
but no joke, it's legit how we are kind of the same person....our dogs are even dating...
Daisy hates the long distance and misses "Mr. B", {short for Bentley} everyday that ends in "y"

No inter-breeding couple here, no sir
Yes, they are both yorkies....

                          Daisy May                 Bentley

Since we're on the topic of "my favorite things" 
I thought it would be fun to go over an updated list of things that I am obsessing over!
I thought I would cover some of my favorite things:
makeup, clothes, scents, and adult bevs

1.  Staples in makeup:
I LOVE a good blood red lipstick.
I know what you red virgins are thinking and believe me, I was skeptical at first too, until I tried it!
My favorite cheap- still gets the job done- go to:

Revlon's: Certainly Red

Revlon Super Lustrous - Creme Lipstick, Certainly Red

Obsessed with this color and you can find it at your local Wally world, Tar-Jay, or other drug stores that carry Revlon products.
Try it!

I am also pretty obsessed with white eyeliner around the lower inside bottom of the eyelids
It REALLY makes any eye color pop and just makes you look alert!
Co-workers have grown accustomed to me wearing this that when I DON'T add it to the morning routine, they now ask me if I am feeling ok hah!
I started out using MAC's pencil white eyeliner {they tell me they can't keep it in stock}
however, I honestly don't like the texture of it...and bought a cheapy white pencil at my local CVS and LOVE it alot more! AND you save about $15 bucks!
A dolla makes me holla honey boo-boo!!

I swear by White eyeliner....makes thee eyes POP!

So ladies, make those lips and eyes pop!! 
I think those are 2 essential makeup go-to's anyhow!!

2.  What could I spent ALL of my money on for my summer wardrobe?

No explanation needed - they're just plain cute
I prefer the more dramatic looking ones
a low back, a huge wide leg, etc, etc
I recently bought the blue one.

jumpsuit               Need a jumpsuit.         Image 1 of ASOS Pleated Bust Jumpsuit

3.  What do I have my nose in?
The Message/The Remix by Eugene Peterson
I love. LOVE. Lurve. this bible!  I began to tire of going to church every morning and not being able to 
fully pay attention/grasp the sermon because I couldn't really get a feel of what was being discussed due
to the wording in my bible....I think we've all been there?
That is until I came across this little gem at my local Borders book store.
It's  fabulous! 
It has contemporary wording and it makes it fun to read and easier to digest...
I encourage you all to go out and purchase this bible, I promise that you will love it as much as I do...
a Pro?  Other than it being the Holy word?
It is such a fun size {and it's pink, it also comes in a lavender} that I can tote it in my briefcase for work 
and even carry it in my LV :)
Do yourself a favor and look into this it has received fabulous reviews

4.  What do I use to smell all secksi?
My favorite scented lotion and perfume
I am obsessed with this little combo 
I am not a florally or fruity scent type of girl....I like the harder stuff :)
I often get asked what I wear, so here it is folks!
I take Twilight Woods lotion {Bath & Body Works} and then mix it with my signature go-to perfume, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
The combo smells fabulous together.

5.  Care for a drink?
Being single and going out with your girlfriends is quite interesting...
I have found, when you go to the bar to order there is usually always a guy lurking that would like to buy you a drink {who are we to deny?} I love they always want to buy you a "lemon drop" shot {which don't get me wrong are pretty good} or some kind of drink that ends in "tini" ....
but hey, if you're asking what I care to drink....
I recently went out with a group of girlfriends and this exact incident happened....all the girls did accept the fruit cocktails but I denied....the group of gentleman then started passing around shots of Makers
{NOW, we're talking}
and jokingly asked us girls who was interested in taking one with them after a buddy of theirs tapped out

All the girls made the "blech face" but me?
Pass that stuff down, boys!
I had that shot downed before they did....
They immediately asked where I was from....
Oh yeah, I failed to mention this happened when I was out of state....
I replied with, LAND of the MAKERS....not just Kentucky but the Bourbon LAND :)

Being a born and bred southern girl I am very set in my ways when it comes to the adult bev.
I never liked the  fruity mixed cocktails {gasp, I know}
No margs for this girl, blech! Just way too sweet for me....
No, I am either a bourbon girl or white wine if you please {I don't even like beer}
I like to call these the classier cocktails haha
Being a Kentucky girl, if I didn't tell you that Makers Mark is the ONLY way to go then you would have every right to tell me that I am an impersonator and not the real KY deal here.
So do yourself and stay away from that Jim Beam....Makers Mark is the only way to go peeps!
It's Kentucky Straight Bourbon
I actually bought these and threw in as gifts for girlfriends last year for a Kentucky theme!
If you know me, I am ALL about some Kentucky....duh.

Last year, I stumbled upon a new not my soul mate...
but a different kind....
One of my best friends travels a lot for work and bought me a bottle of her favorite wine from J Vineyard & Winery from Healdsburg, CA...
Pretty partial to my Cupcake Vineyards {which you should ALSO try}
I thought, I'll try it.....
I have became HOOKED on this wine!! It is by far the BEST wine to ever cross my lips!
Please do yourselves a fav and buy a bottle of Brut Rose {it's a sparkling white}
but make sure you have a buddy to share this with....I'm. Just. Sayin!

You will not be disappointed.

This wine has become my favorite! It's yummy!
And the bottle is pretty cute TOO!
Composed of 64% Pinot Noir, 34% Chardonnay, and 2% Pinot Meunier, it is aged for nearly three years before release. Residual sugar is 1.15%.

Downfall They don't deliver to Kentucky......

I hope you enjoyed some of my favs!
I could go on and on as it seems my life consists of one big list now-a-days!
AND I hope you will come check out my blog at the Kentucky Priss
I would LOVE to have you!!

V and I love to send little quotes and sayings throughout the course of the day, so I want to close this post with a good one!

Here you go...




  1. OH I just adore my Kentucky Priss! My favie love, my favie!

    New follower now! :)

  2. Oh goodness I just love you Jess!!!! And your disclaimer at he beginning...."cooking, reading, lilly" is spot on - probably why we are sisters separated at birth!! Awesome guest post! And I'm a new follower of Life in Heels now!

  3. Love my Kentucky Priss! :) So amazing. :)

  4. jess i love you and your kentucky love

    car bar vs road soada....we'll see who says what in 85 days!!!


  5. Jess-the more I read about you, the more I think we may have been friends in another life! Maker's and white wine-my go to cocktails! Twilight Woods is my fave but I mix it with Chance. I'm obsessed with perfume. Love this post!

  6. Jess - I NEED white eye liner! thanks for leading me to One Heel After the Other ;)

  7. you look adorable :)
    I love red lipstick!

  8. I will have to get some white eyeliner! thanks!

  9. I love red lipstick but have never been able to find the right shade--I'm going to have to check out the Revlon one you suggested!!


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